About this website.

These pages are about my hobbies, interests and thoughts. I am interested in guns. Especially 45 ACP 1911 autos and S&W revolvers. I have spent time in the United States Marine Corps and I’m very proud of that time. I am also a member of the Garand Collectors Association. I carried a Garand in the Marine Corps and now I own one. Mine was manufactured when I was three years old. After I returned from Viet Nam where I spent time as a contractor, I joined the Peace Corps. I spent a total of eight years in French West Africa. Other interests include electronics, photography, Radio Controlled aircraft and home automatiion. I live in the “warm” portion of Arizona so I am able to pursue my interests pretty much year round. My profession was building, programing, installing and maintaining SCADA Remote Terminal Units for electric utilities. I am now retired.


On a more personal note; The most important thing to me is my family and my friends. When times get tough, that’s when you truly discover who your true friends and supporters are. My family and some of my friends have always stuck by me. Even through some extremely difficult times. I am truly fortunate to have them. They define “love” for me.

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