Thompson Machine Gun mod for Ruger 10/22

In, 2012, a buddy of mine built one of these and when I saw it I had to have one too.I started collecting the parts.

The first thing I ordered was the conversion kit from

It’s also available from Brownells

I got mine from for $320.00. I see that they are sold out until the end of Feb. 2013.

I bought the Ruger Compact 10/22 just before Christmas in 2012 from a local gun dealer.

The drum magazines (2) arrived at Cabellas where I had ordered them online.

I had all the parts by Christmas so I built it Christmas day. It was really easy.

Take the stock off of the Ruger by removing one screw.


Inline image 1
The Ruger Compact Rifle.

Inline image 2
All the parts.

Inline image 3
Ready to be assembled.

Inline image 4
All assembled.

Inline image 5
With drum magazine.

Inline image 6
Ain’t she pretty?



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