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It’s me again. I just discovered something quite surprising to me. I just opened this blog as a fun learning tool. I was hoping to learn more about web servers and php. However I just made a big discovery about online tracking. I, of course, have a copy of this website safely backed up here at home. I also like to keep an html copy I can run locally. I have a tool called “DeepVacuum” that will download my entire site as html so I can review it off line on my laptop. Anyway, terrymiller.net does not have any advertising or commercial links. I pay for the hosting and I don’t sell anything. When I aimed “DeepVacuum” at terrymiller.net I expected to get one folder with my content. Instead I ended up with this:

List of all sites contacted when visiting www.terrymiller.net.

List of all sites contacted when visiting www.terrymiller.net.

Note that the content of this site is entirely contained in the folder “www.terrymiller.net”. The links to www.youtube.com is ligimate because my blog about the LaserLyte training system has links to three YouTube videos. Also the link to WordPress.org is ligit because this blog is written on their software. However the rest of the folder are a mystery. I don’t know where their links are. For instance “FaceBook”, I don’t even have an account because of the loss of privacy it causes. How in the heck did FaceBook get linked to my blog? Some of the links are pure tracking. The folder labeled “pixel.quantserve.com” puts a one pixel link on my site for tracking. Why, who are they? I’ll do some more looking around if if I discover more, I’ll share.


I removed the link to www.worpress.org and all the other links disappeared. It’s interesting that just one seemingly innocent link can link you to ten additional sites.

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